Bacon wrapped Pork Loin
Home Up

This is a quick and easy way to prepare a piece of pork loin for "can't miss" results. Your family or guests will love this and you don't have to stand guard at the grill. Using a ceramic grill(my choice is a Primo Oval) with some type of heat shield, get the heat up to 350 or higher, put the loin in, then go have a drink or four and visit with your gang.

I start by cutting off the small end of a whole loin->

**Notice the knife,, it's a relic that William gave me. It had a huge knick in the blade and was covered with rust. It appears to have been made using the same process that was used to make quality medieval swords way back when Char-Woody was a small boy.

<-I dry the meat with paper towels, insert slices of home-grown garlic, then cover it with Prudhommes Pork & Veal Seasoning and cayenne pepper.

<- Next I lay down a bed of bacon. It takes about a pound to cover the loin and ends.

 <- Then I slather it with a buttermilk and mustard "Gloop" and wrap it up in the bacon. 

<- I use the larger size netting

<- Twist-tie the ends and wrap in plastic wrap or Ziploc bag it and let it sit for at least a day before putting it in the grill.

The bacon is sacrificial and allows high grilling temps to get the lean pork done without causing any trauma to it. Use indirect heat and cook the "h-e-double toothpicks" out of it. Make that bacon crisp before even thinking about taking it's temperature. The pork will go beyond done but will still be tender and moist.

It took about 3 hours at 350 on a rack sitting inside an aluminum pan which was used to create a heat shield. We took it off the grill when the internal temp hit 165 and let it rest wrapped in foil for half an hour or so..

It was delicious. Tender and moist. There was a trace of yellow from the mustard under the bacon covering so probably a 400 grill would have been perfect. Oh yeah, and the bacon was most fine. My thanks to the pigs who supplied the products. Hogs rule!