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Some of the Wildflowers of Dauphin Island


Some wake in the morning-> Close and go to bed at night->


My Sago Palms

These are not really palms. They are in the same family as pine trees.  The male is in the background and the female is in the  foreground

This is the male, it normally looks a lot like the female except it grows 18 inch cones, but currently it is crowning. An expert tells me the palm just became very valuable and rare. Watch it grow into an expensive plant.


April 23, 2004 The male->  

The female->

April 27, 2004 The male

May 5, 2004 The male

May 12, 2004 The male  

The female looks like it is going to produce a giant seed dome

May 14, 2004 Yellow pollen is being produced

I dusted the female dome with the yellow pollen


May 22, 2004 Male has matured cones

Female dome has opened